Cosmic History Chronicles, Vol. 3

Book of the Mystery, Time And Art: Art As the Expression of the Absolute
Author: Jose Arguelles & Stephanie South
Publisher: Law of Time Press
ISBN: 0-9785924-1-7
Pages: 240
Price: $34.00

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The Cosmic History Chronicles attempt to answer the question, “What will further the self-illumination of the world?”In this third volume of the series, the authors look at art and how it has evolved cosmically.

The book is broken down into four parts:Art as a Cosmic Harmony, Art as a Dimensional Bridge, Art as the Practice of Life, and Transcendental Art:Evolving Cosmoplanetary Art Forms.

Two of the major art forms that are explored in this volume are rock and roll music and the internet.The authors explain the role music has played in the last several decades, and the use of the internet in establishing identities online as living art.Other art forms are also explored in lesser detail.

References are made to the previous volumes, so if the reader hasn’t already read those, parts of this volume may be a little confusing.The artwork is beautiful – unique and intriguing.

Some of this material is esoteric in explaining the evolution of these art forms, and ultimately where they will take us culturally and globally.This volume is an interesting exploration, and I found that I agreed with many of the authors’ observations.Time will tell if their conclusions about the future are correct.

Reviewer: Alice Berger