Touched By the Light

Author: Linn B. Halton
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing
Genre: Paranormal fiction
ISBN: 978-1-84624-531-2
Pages: 248
Price: £16.99

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Mya isn’t quite sure where she is, when she suddenly realizes she’s no longer in her body. She remembers a hospital and workers scurrying around her, but then she makes her way toward the light and reaches what she thinks is the other side. But where is everyone else? Why isn’t anyone around to help her adjust?

Laurel is able to communicate with spirits, and she and Mya become friends. Drawn to Laurel’s relationship with Dan, Mya is convinced she’s in this purgatory of sorts in order to help them. But then she loses touch with Laurel and begins a new friendship with Dan – this time without the benefit of speaking.

It’s impossible for me to tell much more about this story without giving away all the intricate plot twists that make it such a fun read. Romance, good friendships, and the paranormal blend together so nicely, with a cast of believable and well-developed characters. Everyone grows as a result of their experiences, and the reader is rewarded with a happy ending.

Touched By the Light is Linn B. Halton’s first work of fiction, and it’s a dandy. I look forward to reading more from this talented new author.

Linn B. Halton shared her thoughts with us in an interview.  Please be sure to read what she has to say!

Reviewer: Alice Berger