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The Pocket Paper Engineer Vol. 1 & 2

popupsAuthor: Carol Barton
Publisher: Popular Kinetics Press
Genre: Crafts / How-to / Children’s
ISBN: 978-0962775208 / 978-0-962775222
Pages: 67 / 72
Price: $24.95 / $26.95

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Pop-up books and cards delight children and adults with their unique and clever designs, but how are these intricate pictures created? If you’ve ever wanted to make one yourself, The Pocket Paper Engineer will show you how.

This set of two volumes focuses on basic pop-up forms, platforms and props in a fully hands-on manner. Designed to be taken apart and used in construction, the pages are sturdy and include pockets to place your finished products. Clear directions and illustrations show you exactly how to put these pop-up designs together, and then explain how to use these newly acquired skills for creations of your own.

The Pocket Paper Engineer is well-designed, and the step-by-step instructions are easy for anyone to follow. I highly recommend these unique how-to books on crafting pop-ups.

Reviewer: Alice Berger