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The 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac

Author & Publisher: Old Farmer’s Almanac
Genre: Home & Garden
ISBN: 978-1571989260
Pages: 288
Price: $9.95

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The Farmer’s Almanac has been a trusted resource since 1792 and is filled with new, useful, and entertaining matter. Topics include: trends, amusement, astrology, astronomy, calendar, farming, folklore, food, gardening, genealogy, home remedies, husbandry, miscellany, nature, sports, and weather.

Although this almanac is most known for its weather and farming information, the articles in this magazine are enjoyable and informative. Ads are also targeted to the reader and provide helpful products for the homesteader. However, we’ll have to wait to see if the weather forecasts are accurate or not!

As it has been for the past 231 years, the 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac will be a useful guide for the coming year. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger