animals, mystery, tween

Monkey Magic 3: The Ghostly Thieves of New York

Author: Grant S. Clark
Genre: Middle grade / adventure / animals
ISBN: 979-8701643480
Pages: 206
Price: $9.99

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Romy Alexander has just arrived in New York after her adventures in China. She plans to tour the hot spots the guide has chosen for them and catch up on some sleep. But she doesn’t anticipate finding out that there are ghost thieves visiting the museums at night, stealing artifacts from endangered species in order to bring attention to their plight.

Nocturnal monkey visitors to her hotel room explain what’s going on, and look for her assistance. She’ll need to use her monkey magic once again to communicate with them and help them out. But not everything is as it seems, and soon Romy finds herself in trouble. It’s a good thing she isn’t the only one who has the ability to use monkey magic!

Monkey Magic 3: The Ghostly Thieves of New York is a fun mystery-adventure with lots of action. Romy barely has time to settle in before being whisked away on her latest mission. Kids will enjoy her daring and concern for the monkeys she meets. I highly recommend this newest addition to the Monkey Magic series.

Reviewer: Alice Berger