It’s Over (Status Updates #2)

Author: Laura L. Smith
Publisher: Birch House Press
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 978-0-9962770-0-6
Pages: 304
Price: $11.99

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How do you hang on when the most terrible tragedy strikes? For four college roommates, their faith in God, family, and friendship are the pillars they lean on. Each of these girls faces the fact that “it’s over” in some way in their lives, and they will need to deal with their issues in order to move past them and grow from them. It’s a story of real life, and nothing is sugar-coated.

This is the second book in the Status Updates series, and even though I didn’t read book one, I was able to pick up this story quickly with no worrying that I’ve missed something. The girls’ reactions to the problems they faced are convincing and real, and teen girls will easily identify with how they felt about life and each other. I highly recommend It’s Over.

Reviewer: Alice Berger