What I Like About Me

Author: Jenna Guillaume
Publisher: Peachtree Publishing Co.
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 978-1-68263-160-7
Pages: 304
Price: $17.99
Kindle Price as of today: $2.99

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Maisie Martin was looking forward to her vacation, until she was given the school assignment to keep a journal while away. Recording her thoughts seems so silly, but soon she finds that she looks forward to writing, especially when the vacation takes some unexpected twists.

Boy trouble, best friend trouble, parent trouble, and sibling trouble would definitely be enough to drive a teen girl mad, but when she suddenly finds herself entering a beauty pageant, things get really out of control. Maisie has always considered herself unattractive because she’s overweight, and hiding her body has been more comfortable than seeking attention. But when a teen boy tells her he finds her beautiful, she starts to wonder. Maybe being overweight isn’t reason enough to hide?

Maisie is such a fun character that teen girls will relate to. She’s spunky and definitely has a mind of her own, but she also has a sweet and caring side. All she really wants is to be accepted for who she is, and by the time this vacation is over, Maisie has even finally accepted herself, also. What I Like About Me is impossible to put down, as we share this wild ride of a vacation with Maisie.

WARNING: This book contains some adult themes including alcohol, nudity, and same-sex relationships.

Reviewer: Alice Berger