Amish fiction, romance

The Englisch Daughter

Author: Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall
Publisher: WaterBrook
Genre: Amish fiction / Romance
ISBN: 978-0-7352-9102-7
Pages: 352
Price: $15.99

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Jemima is concerned about her husband’s actions. Roy has become increasingly distant from her, taking strange phone calls at all hours of the day, and making overnight trips for business. Their marriage seemed to change about a year ago, after an accident and a difficult pregnancy kept them apart for a while, and now it seems they’re unable to reconnect. And now an Englisch woman Roy dated during his rumschpringe is living in the family cottage. Jemima can’t help but wonder if something is going on.

Suddenly, Jemima finds out the cause of Roy’s mysterious behavior, and the evidence shocks her to the core. As a traditional Old Order Amish wife, her choices in this circumstance are limited, and she has to determine how much she’s willing to forgive. But as they begin to talk, Jemima finds her heart softening toward her husband.

The Englisch Daughter is one of the best Amish romances I’ve ever read. Not only is it a beautiful story of reconciliation between an estranged husband and wife, but it’s also an amazing story of forgiveness and unconditional love in its highest form. I was really blown away by how good this story is and I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger