Amish fiction, romance

A Christmas Haven

Authors: Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall
Publisher: WaterBrook
Genre: Amish Romance
ISBN: 978-0-525-65329-5
Pages: 208
Price: $14.99

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Ivy Zook is anxious to leave the Amish to pursue a career in party planning. But just when it seems her dreams are within reach, Arlan and Magda Keim crash into their town. Magda is very ill and her brother, Arlan, is caring for her.

The Keims have left their Schwartzentruber community under scandalous conditions, and are reluctant to return, so they take refuge with the Zooks. As Ivy gets to know the Keims, she becomes more and more aware of how much she will leave behind if she chooses the worldly path. And as she gets to know Arlan, she realizes she’s not sure she wants to anymore.

A Christmas Haven spans several months, concluding around Christmas time, and is a great read during any season. This sequel to The Christmas Remedy also continues the story of Holly Zook and Joshua Smucker as they prepare to marry, while worrying that Holly might not have the bishop’s permission to follow her dream of becoming a nurse. This sweet Amish romance will leave the reader with a joyful and merry heart.

Reviewer: Alice Berger