Franklin and Luna and the Book of Fairy Tales

Author: Jen Campbell
Illustrator: Katie Harnett
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-500-65175-9
Pages: 32
Price: $17.95

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Luna is planning a surprise birthday party for her dragon, Franklin. To distract him while the guests arrive, she takes him to a magical bookstore. While they browse, her pet tortoise, Neil, opens up a very dangerous looking, locked book. In a flash, he disappears inside.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Franklin and Luna dive inside the book, looking for Neil. They run into three pigs, a witch, a knight, and others, and pass a glass slipper shop. No one has seen Neil. After nearly colliding with a wolf, they ask once again about Neil, and the wolf leads them to a race between her tortoise and a hare. Finally, a giant shows up on the scene, alerting them to the fact that the book is closing, and they’d better get out soon before they’re trapped for good.

Everyone wants to join Franklin and Luna on their trip back to the real world, and soon everyone tumbles out of the book. Franklin’s birthday party bash is the best ever, as new friends join old ones. Franklin and Luna and the Book of Fairy Tales is a creative spin on the classics, and is highly recommended.

Reviewer: Alice Berger