Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson

Author: Joseph Kimble
Publisher: Iguana Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-77180-229-1
Pages: 32
Price: $11.40

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Mr. Mouthful and his pet monkey, Dupree, stroll through the neighborhood. As he encounters some children, he speaks in fancy words too difficult for them to understand. His warnings go unheeded, as they are left pondering what on earth he just said.

But when a little girl named Juno finds herself in a precarious predicament, it’s up to Mr. Mouthful to figure out how to rescue her. Luckily, he puts aside his preposterous vocabulary and uses a simple word that saves the day.

Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson will have kids giggling as they reach for the dictionary, trying to discover the hidden meaning behind his unusual choice of words. Parents, don’t be surprised if some of these funny sayings creep into your youngster’s conversations. This is a fun story that kids will enjoy reading over and over again.

Reviewer: Alice Berger