Hey Goose! What’s Your Excuse?

Author & Illustrator: Lisa M. Griffin
Publisher: Boys Town Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1944882-18-1
Pages: 32
Price: $10.95

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Boone doesn’t like to try new things. So when his mother and siblings decide to cross over to the other side of the pond, Boone has no intention of going with them. He has a list of excuses not to go. But soon he begins to think about all the fun they’re having without him and wishes he was there.

Paddling like a crazy goose, he heads over to the other side. When he realizes he did it all by himself, he’s amazed! His mom is so proud of him, and his siblings have even saved him a sweet treat as a reward.

Children who are uncomfortable with change will relate to Boone’s feelings. Hey Goose! What’s Your Excuse? addresses these fears of stepping outside their comfort zone, providing a helpful tips page for educators and parents.

Reviewer: Alice Berger