Closed Casket

Author: Sophie Hannah
Publisher: William Morrow
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-06-245882-7
Pages: 320
Price: $26.99

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Lady Athelinda Playford has just made a curious change to her last will and testament – one that will certainly infuriate her children. But although it’s highly illogical, she is determined to carry forward with her plans. Her new beneficiary, Joseph Scotcher, is terminally ill, and may die in the very near future.

On the evening of her announcement, a murder is committed – one that makes no sense at all. And someone claims to have witnessed something she can’t possibly have seen or heard. Lady Playford anticipated foul play and had on hand Detective Hercule Poirot and Inspector Edward Catchpool, who rush to solve the case, as several people had both motive and means to commit this murder. When the official investigator shows up, Poirot’s inquiries are halted, but the Belgian detective doesn’t let this pompous man dictate his actions, and proceeds to unveil the murderer.

Closed Casket kept me guessing, trying to unravel this perplexing case before Poirot revealed everything. However, as Agatha Christie often did, Sophie Hannah keeps some of the important clues off the page, and it’s up to the reader to do the research for themselves. This is an interesting and engaging story, but I prefer mysteries where everything is hidden in plain sight, and the reader has a chance to solve the case, also.

Reviewer: Alice Berger