A Fatal Twist (A Downward Dog Mystery #4)

A Fatal Twist
Author: Tracy Weber
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Genre: Cozy Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-7387-4878-8
Pages: 312
Price: $14.99

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Kate first meets the philandering fertility doctor while assisting a doula as part of her training course. Soon after, she realizes the man is married to her yoga student, Rachel. When Kate finds his lifeless body at a hospital event, Rachel has just fled the scene. Kate has no intention of telling the police what she saw, but soon finds out they have their own agenda.

In her heart, Kate knows that Rachel is innocent, no matter what the evidence shows. So she tracks down anyone who might have been affiliated with Dr. Dick, as he was less affectionately known. Some of her methods are unorthodox, and she leaves quite a few encounters after having made a new enemy. But in the process of her investigation, she develops a grudging respect for her new assistant who intentionally smashed her car in Karma’s a Killer, and is now working off the damages.

A Fatal Twist is a laugh almost from the word go, as Kate gets into trouble with her best friend, her live-in boyfriend, her dog, and the two puppies her boyfriend has decided to rescue and bring home. And Kate’s investigative technique is hilarious, as she pokes and prods her way to one annoyed response after another. If you enjoy zany cozy mysteries, you’ll love this one.

Reviewer: Alice Berger