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Casey’s Bright Red Christmas

Casey's Bright Red Christmas
Author: Holly Dufek
Illustrator: Paul E. Nunn
Publisher: Octane Press
Genre: Children / Farming / Christmas
ISBN: 978-1937747619
Pages: 32
Price: $14.99

Octane Press
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It’s Christmas Eve and Casey has too much to do. She wants to decorate the farm, bake cookies, and get ready for the team’s celebration. But first she has to care for the cows, fix the fence, and work in the shed, and her nasty cold is making her sleepy. Maybe a nap will perk her up and give her the energy she needs to get her chores done.

Casey’s team of tractors and farm equipment sees how Casey is feeling and comes up with a plan. Knowing she works so hard for all of them, they decide to do Christmas for her. As she sleeps, the team puts up lights, picks out the Christmas tree, and bakes. When Casey wakes up with a start, she has no idea what surprises are awaiting her.

Farming is hard work, and Casey is dedicated to the job she loves. Having a team of dependable equipment makes her job easier and a lot more fun. And celebrating together is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday. Farm kids will enjoy this cute Christmas story.

Reviewer: Alice Berger