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Miles is the Boss of His Body

Miles is the Boss of His Body
Authors: Samantha Kurtzman-Counter and Abbie Schiller
Illustrator: Valentina Ventimiglia
Publisher: The Mother Company
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9894071-3-7
Pages: 32
Price: $12.95

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Miles is excited to be celebrating his 6th birthday, but he has no idea how frustrating the day will turn out to be. Grandpa pinches his cheeks as he wishes him a happy birthday. His brother, Scotty, gives him birthday noogies. Mom gives Miles an extra-tight squeeze. Dad lifts him high in the air. And baby Max grabs his shirt. But the thing that really set Miles off is getting a birthday tickle – from the birthday chicken!

Miles is really frustrated and sits his family down to listen to him. He explains that he doesn’t like being pinched, noogied, squeezed too tight, lifted up, grabbed, or tickled. Miles declares that he’s the “boss of his body” and stomps off to his room. But when mom comes to get him, she isn’t mad. Instead she tells him that she’s very proud of him for standing up for himself and not letting others touch him in ways he doesn’t like.

Kids don’t always understand that they don’t need to put up with inappropriate touching from others. Miles is the Boss of His Body shows them that they have the right to stand up for themselves, and even make a scene if necessary, to stop others from doing something they don’t like. I highly recommend this book for home and classrooms.

Reviewer: Alice Berger