Author: Marcia Wieder
Publisher: Next Century Publishing
Genre: Inspiration
ISBN: 978-1681020624
Pages: 232
Price: $21.95

Dream University
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Most of us think about our dreams, but how many actually achieve them? What if we had a blueprint for getting what we really want out of life? Would we jump at the opportunity to have our dreams come true? In Dream, Marcia Wieder explains the process we can use to make them happen.

At first glance, the formula is simple: Clarify – Believe – Act. But so much is hidden behind those concepts, and these are the very things that hold us back. Do you really know what your dream is? What are the limiting beliefs that tell you that it’s not possible for you to have it? And what are the action steps you can begin to take today? These and many more questions are explored, as Marcia Wieder guides us through the dream manifestation process.

More than just helping to set goals, Dream inspires the reader to believe in herself and to live life to the fullest. If you have a dream and you’re not sure how you can make it happen, this is the book for you.

Reviewer: Alice Berger