mystery, teen

Beyond Suspicion

Beyond Suspicion
Author: Catherine A. Winn
Publisher: The Poisoned Pencil
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-9293-4510-6
Page: 230
Price: $10.95

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Shelby really wants to go to her best friend’s birthday party, and she’s disappointed when she finds out she’ll be stuck at home, babysitting her baby brother. Since her mom got married to Roger and had a new baby, Shelby’s life has been hard, and she vents her frustration to her friends before taking her one year-old brother, Josh, out for a walk in the park. A small fireworks display distracts Shelby, and when she turns around, Josh is gone.

The situation goes from bad to worse when the police won’t believe her story and instead blame Shelby for Josh’s disappearance. She has no one to turn to except a new boy, Matt, who suddenly decides to help her. Unexpected support also comes from Roger, who defends her to the police and hires an attorney to clear her name. Following a couple of hunches leads Shelby to Josh, but she soon finds herself and Josh in danger. Only her quick thinking can save both their lives before it’s too late.

Beyond Suspicion is a fast read that will keep young adults interested from the first page. Shelby’s predicament with difficult parents is easy to relate to, as is her determination to find her baby brother. There are a few scenes that may require the reader to suspend disbelief, but overall, this is a nicely written story that teens will enjoy.

WARNING: Contains violence.

Reviewer: Alice Berger