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Have Fun With Words

Have Fun With Words
Author: Maria Sarkar
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers
Genre: Children / Writing
ISBN: 978-1849634977
Price: $24.95

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Vocabulary building doesn’t have to be hard – in fact it can be fun if it’s presented in the form of puzzles and games. Have Fun With Words encourages kids to play with words to discover their meaning.

Each lesson covers a certain type of word. Adjectives, synonyms and antonyms, nouns, verbs, roots with prefixes and suffixes, adverbs, and abstract nouns are covered. Idioms and other word combinations round out the lessons. Students unscramble words, use them in the fill-in-the-blank sentences, place them in charts, and circle them in word finds, as they learn how to best use each word or combination of words.

The workbook provides:

  • A clear presentation of target words as well as expressions, carefully selected and put in context.
  • Stimulating activities for recall and practice
  • Free practice in challenging extension activities
  • Links to grammar to show how words operate in a sentence
  • Tasks to develop other related skills such as using the dictionary effectively and guessing meaning of words, all eventually helping to improve reading fluency and enriching the child’s writing.

Learning doesn’t have to always be dry and dull. Have Fun With Words is an enjoyable and creative book to help kids to build their vocabulary.

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Reviewer: Alice Berger