The Charlemagne Connection

The Charlemagne Connection
Author: R.M. Cartmel
Publisher: Crime Scene Books
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-9929486-2-7
Pages: 328
Price: $13.99

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Commander Truchaud has been called back home to Nuits-Saint-Georges to help his sister-in-law, Michelle, handle his father, who is suffering from dementia and getting worse each day. He soon learns that a German tourist disappeared a while back, when his sister and her friend arrive, attempting to locate him. Fearing foul play, they try to determine when he was last seen, and with whom.

Inheritance laws in France are strict, and Truchaud soon learns that this German man might have been a threat to someone whose family owns one of the local vineyards. He also suspects that his disappearance may have something to do with the mysterious circumstances in The Richebourg Affair.

The Charlemagne Connection is more of a novel than a whodunit, and mystery buffs won’t find much to solve. But those who enjoy exotic settings and good character development will enjoy this book. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this intriguing mystery.

Reviewer: Alice Berger