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Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns We Can All Get Along

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns We Can All Get Along
Authors: Howard Binkow and Reverend Ana
Illustrators: David A. Cutting and Mike Ferrin
Publisher: Thunderbolt Publishing
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9910777-0-0
Pages: 32
Price: $15.00

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Howard B. Wigglebottom isn’t invited to his friend, Ali’s party, and he’s upset. He asks his grandma why he can’t go, and she suggests maybe he’s not being a very good friend. When Howard thinks about it, he realizes that he does some things that cause everyone to fight. Grandma works with him to change his behavior, and he asks his friend for a chance to prove he can get along with everyone.

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns We Can All Get Along isn’t really a story – it’s more of a useful teaching tool. Grandma coaches Howard to come up with the reasons he’s not invited, and they talk about them, but no action actually takes place. A discussion guide is included for classroom use.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

January 3, 2016 - Posted by | children

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