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A Friend for Lakota

A Friend for Lakota
Authors: Jim and Jamie Dutcher
Publisher: National Geographic Children’s Books
Genre: Children / Nature
ISBN: 978-1-4263-2082-8
Pages: 32
Price: $16.99

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Lakota lives with a pack of wolves, and most of the time they all get along. But one day, everything changes, as they suddenly turn against Lakota. Another wolf, Matsi, sees what’s happening and jumps in to stop the fighting. Soon Lakota and Matsi are best friends. As long as Matsi is with Lakota, no one bothers him. Finally, more wolf pups join the pack, and everyone leaves Lakota alone. But Lakota remembers how he was treated and never bullies the youngsters.

A Friend for Lakota is filled with stunning, up-close photos of these beautiful wolves in action. Kids will love seeing the close relationship Lakota shares with Matsi, and enjoy learning more about wolves by reading the fun facts provided in the closing pages.

Reviewer: Alice Berger