Martian Mustache Mischief

Martian Mustache Mischief
Author: Brian Rock
Illustrator: Joshua Dawson
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Children
ISBN: 9781514777589
Pages: 30
Price: $9.99

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Mars is beginning to lose its red color, and soon fuzzy, ketchup-eating, caterpillar-looking Martians arrive on earth. When the earthlings laugh at their demand to turn over all their ketchup, the Martians try a new tactic.

Soon everyone in town is wearing a Martian mustache. And as the Martians devour all the ketchup, they turn red. How can the people stop them? Well, you’ll just have to read Martian Mustache Mischief to find out!

This cute tale will have kids giggling and attempting to try out the tongue twister, “Martian Mustache Mischief” along with the main character. They might even find themselves wearing their own ketchup mustache.

Reviewer: Alice Berger