Always There Bear

Always There Bear
Author: Trudi Granger
Illustrator: Gareth Llewhellin
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-63220-434-9
Pages: 32
Price: $16.99

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Everyone needs a friend, and teddy bears often make the very best buddies. Whether sitting quietly and watching the rain, playing outdoors, riding a bike, or cuddled up in bed, you can count on your teddy bear to always be there with you.

Always There Bear reminds kids of this simple truth through soft illustrations and rhythmic language, showing children in various situations with their teddy bears keeping them company. If a child has had a bad day or just needs a friend, reading this book with teddy by his side is sure to brighten his mood and bring a smile to his face.

Reviewer: Alice Berger