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Dirty Rotten Pirates

Dirty Rotten Pirates
Author: Moira Butterfield
Illustrator: Mauro Mazzara
Publisher: Ticktock Books
Genre: Children / History
ISBN: 978-1-78325-048-6
Pages: 64
Price: $8.99

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A pirate’s life is often portrayed as fun-loving and adventurous. But was this really the way pirates lived? Kids would be surprised to find out that life aboard a pirate ship was hard work, with vermin, bugs, hunger and disease. And if a pirate crossed the wrong enemy, his life might come to an abrupt end.

In Dirty Rotten Pirates, kids get an up-close and personal view of pirate life. This unique book introduces some of the most famous pirates, seafaring lingo, and a history of piracy throughout the centuries. Although this is a history book, it’s far from stuffy, with cool illustrations and lots of fun facts. Boys will especially appreciate these horrifying and disgusting pirate tales.

Reviewer: Alice Berger