Both of Me

Both of Me
Author: Jonathan Friesen
Publisher: Blink
Genre: Teen
ISBN: 978-0-310-73188-7
Pages: 256
Price: $16.99

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Clara has suffered a tragedy in London, and now she’s on the road, attempting to make peace with her past. When her bag is accidentally switched at the airport, she tracks it down to a boy named Elias who suffers from dissociative identity disorder (split personality).

Elias spends some of his time in the present and the Other One lives in a place he calls Salem. This Other One seems to see into Clara’s past, and Clara is determined to find out what he knows. The two determine that the only way for Elias to find out what keeps him living two different lives is to follow the Other One to Salem and see where it leads them. Their journey takes them east, looking for a Lightkeeper, with memory and the stars to guide them.

I really liked Elias, and I hoped that their plan was going to work. Both of Me really grabbed my attention and held me captive, wanting to know what happened next, but I felt sad and unsatisfied with the ending. Blink is a Christian publisher, but this book presented a very minimal Christian message.

Reviewer: Alice Berger