Clucky and the Magic Kettle

Clucky and the Magic Kettle
Author: Mar Pavón
Illustrator: Mónica Carretero
Publisher: Cuento de Luz
Genre: Children
ISBN: 9788415619444
Pages: 30
Price: $15.95

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Clucky, the mother hen, takes her three chicks to school every day. But, while learning to read and write, the chicks hear ugly things about themselves and others. As they bring these words home to repeat to Clucky, she reminds them to get that nonsense out of their heads.

After a while, Clucky uses a bit of her magic to create a bubbling brew full of the mean and nasty things others have said. Then she recycles it, turning it into love, support and gratitude instead.

Kids face harsh criticism and gossip every day at school, and it’s important for them to realize they don’t have to believe everything they hear or participate in those conversations. Clucky and the Magic Kettle shows kids that they can transform the ugly into the beautiful, making life more enjoyable for everyone.

Reviewer: Alice Berger