Adventures with Buster

Adventures with Buster
Author: London Lake Pickett
Illustrator: Lynda Farrington Wilson
Publisher: Self
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-615-70668-9
Pages: 35
Price: $14.95

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Buster is a service dog who helps guide the author, who is nearly blind. In Adventures with Buster, kids learn about how service dogs are trained and how they help the people they serve.

We meet Buster in Florida, where Pickett and he spend several weeks getting used to each other. Then it’s time for him to come home to North Carolina and an unexpected snowfall. And soon after, they take a trip to Arizona together. Travel by plane doesn’t upset Buster one bit, and he takes good care of Pickett. But along the way, she is surprised by some of Buster’s adventures.

In Adventures with Buster kids will be treated to a glimpse of life with a service dog and join in the fun of his adventures. This is a nice read for all ages.

Reviewer: Alice Berger