Mom Goes to War

Mom Goes to War
Author: Irene Aparici Martín
Illustrator: Monica Carretero
Publisher: Cuento de Luz
Genre: Children
ISBN: 9788415503200
Pages: 24
Price: $15.95

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The Queen is about to go to war and the two princes listen intently as she explains her predicament. She is battling breast cancer, and there will be allies fighting with her and villains to conquer. But she hopes to be successful and feel much better when she is healed.

Facing something as difficult as cancer is scary for kids, and Mom Goes to War attempts to present this battle in a somewhat less heavy manner. Using the images of a battlefield, it shows kids that there is good reason to hope and they should never give up. Beautiful illustrations lighten the feel of this story, and a wealth of information is provided. This would be a wonderful book for any family dealing with cancer.

Reviewer: Alice Berger