The Art of Secrets

The Art of Secrets
Author: James Klise
Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 978-1-61620-195-1
Pages: 272
Price: $16.95

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Saba Khan is playing an important tennis match while her family’s apartment burns. Although everyone is safe, they have lost all their possessions, so they are appreciative of the school’s efforts to help them get back on their feet. Then an unusual and potentially valuable piece of artwork is donated to the Khan family auction, and people begin to question who is entitled to the money when it is sold.

The Art of Secrets is told through a series of journal entries, interviews, articles, monologues, and official documents. Teachers, students, and those in the community all have their own motivations and thoughts about the art itself, the Khan family, and whether or not they deserve such a windfall.

As the plot takes unusual and surprising turns, the tangled situation grows more complicated. Finger-pointing and betrayal become the new normal. Fans of mystery, intrigue and psychology will really enjoy this well-written and thought-provoking novel.

Reviewer: Alice Berger