The Crystal Scepter

The Crystal Scepter
Author: C.S. Lakin
Publisher: Living Ink Books
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 978-089957-893-4
Pages: 376
Price: $14.99

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Pythius, the wicked young king of Paladya, is looking for immortality. When he hears of the crystal scepter which grants the kings of Elysiel an unusually long life, he makes up his mind that he has to have it. But Pythius has no idea of the terrible consequences of his actions.

In a small fishing village, a boy named Perthin grows up, unaware of the true identity of his parents. Through a prophesy, Perthin’s destiny is inextricably linked to Pythius. Seeking to save his village from a sea monster, he sets off on a hero’s journey.

Pythius is an evil man, and much of the story is told from his perspective. This made it difficult for me to get through the opening chapters, since I find it hard to relate to villains. I was also surprised at how simple Perthin’s quest appeared to be. A journey that took Pythius months was accomplished in moments by Perthin, and with so much support that he was in almost no danger. Perthin and the reader know the outcome is certain.

Good wins out over evil, and all loose ends are tied up nicely, with a “feel-good” ending. But I personally would have enjoyed The Crystal Scepter more if Pythius was a smaller character and Perthin faced more danger.

Reviewer: Alice Berger