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Anni’s Attic

Anni's Attic
Author: Anne Loader McGee
Publisher: Vendera Publishing
Genre: Middle-grade / Historical fiction
ISBN: 978-1-936307-24-1
Pages: 256
Price: $10.99

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Jennine has no desire to leave her home in New Orleans to live with her cousin Annise’s family in Georgia. But the Civil War has just begun, her mother recently died, and her father has business up north that he needs to take care of. Jennine hopes she can tolerate Annise for a little while and go home as soon as possible.

The Civil War goes on much longer than anyone anticipates, and soon Jennine and Annise are aware that their family has chosen sides. But those actions are putting everyone in danger, and the girls must step in to help, even though no one wants to tell them what’s going on. Trade in the south comes to a standstill, troops loot anything they can find, and the northern army is intent on burning everything in its path to Atlanta. Will the family survive to see the end of the war?

Anne Loader McGee has written a fascinating portrait of the south during the Civil War, from a unique perspective. She successfully weaves historical elements into the story in a believable way, putting the girls directly into the situations they encounter. And the growing friendship and love between Annise and Jennine adds to the charm of the story. As they deal with terrible circumstances of the war, they pull together and do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe. I highly recommend Anni’s Attic.

Reviewer: Alice Berger