Blue and Other Stories

Blue and Other Stories

Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrator: Nilima Sheikh
Publisher: Spinifex
Genre: Children / Fables
ISBN: 174219839-2
Pages: 36
Price: $24.95

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Suniti Namjoshi is internationally acclaimed as a poet, and Nilima Sheikh’s paintings hang in galleries all over the world. These two talented artists combine their skills to bring us Blue and Other Stories, a collection of myths and fables.

Five short stories are included in this book. “The Unloved Queen” tells the tale of a girl named Suniti questioning how she received her name. “Blue” shares her love of the color blue and the reactions of those around her to this obsession. “Kingfisher” is a tale of a smart bird and his quirky answers to those seeking his wisdom. “Frog Life” shows us vanity at its highest. And “Bird Woman” presents a girl’s unusual problem and her parents’ creative solution.

These interesting and unique stories are colorfully illustrated to complement the text. Blue and Other Stories is a beautiful work of art, both in words and pictures.

Reviewer: Alice Berger