Life is Beautiful!

Life is Beautiful
Author: Ana Eulate
Illustrator: Nívola Uyá
Publisher: Cuento de Luz
Genre: Children
ISBN: 9788415619260
Pages: 28
Price: $16.95

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Violet is a little girl living in Kenya. She knows nothing but the town she lives in, the surrounding area, and the hunger in her belly. But one day, a giraffe with wings takes her on a magical journey over all of Africa.

The beauty she sees below amazes Violet. Elephants splash in the river as flamingos look on. A rainbow forms overhead, but she learns it fades when children lose their smile. And goats can’t stop laughing when she tickles them.

Throughout the journey, Violet is surprised to see the souls of the people below. When she asks what can be done for these souls, the wise giraffe offers her thoughts. Life is Beautiful is a touching look at the people of Africa, which also reminds us of the poverty they live in.

Reviewer: Alice Berger