A Great and Complicated Adventure

A Great and Complicated Adventure
Author: Toon Tellegen
Illustrator: Jessica Ahlberg
Publisher: Boxer Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-907152-39-9
Pages: 160
Price: $14.95

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In the simple world of Toon Tellegen, animals talk and live in perfect safety. The ant and the squirrel are good friends, elephants climb trees, and cakes can fly. Interesting philosophical discussions about thoughts, laughter, letters, and other such weighty subjects are the focus of the animals’ attention. Nothing upsets their happy existence.

A Great and Complicated Adventure is a collection of charmingly and simply illustrated short stories, in a style similar to Beatrix Potter or Winnie the Pooh. These gentle and peaceful tales would be a perfect read on a lazy summer afternoon, while lying half-asleep in a hammock, sipping iced lemonade.

Reviewer: Alice Berger