Death Goes Postal

Death Goes Postal
Authors: Rosemary and Larry Mild
Publisher: Magic Isle Literary Works
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-9838597-1-0
Pages: 316
Price: $14.95

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Dan and Rivka Sherman have just purchased the Olde Victorian Bookstore. Its prior owner received mysterious letters about a package being sent to her from overseas, and the Shermans must now try to figure out the hidden message in the letters. Unfortunately, Emil Kravitz was willing to commit murder for this package, and he’s still hot on its trail.

Newcomers to the bookstore’s mystery critique group are under suspicion, as all heard the store clerk, Liz, spill the secret about the letters. Which of these men is really Kravitz in disguise? And how can the Shermans find the package – while remaining safe – before Kravitz gets to it?

Death Goes Postal is a cozy mystery with a literary flair. The Shermans are a smart couple, intent on outwitting Kravitz. But Kravitz steals the show at times, when the authors focus quite a lot of attention on his thoughts and actions. I would have preferred if this mystery had stayed in either Dan or Rivka’s point-of-view for the whole story, and the secondary characters had been developed more fully.

Reviewer: Alice Berger