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GQ, GQ, Where Are You?

GQ, GQ, Where Are You?
Author: Sharon I. Ritt
Illustrator: Nadia Komorova
Genre: Children / Animals
ISBN: 978-1-85985-223-5
Pages: 40
Price: $14.95

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Georgy (also known as “GQ”) is a Gambel’s quail living in the Arizona desert. As he explores, he discovers many fascinating plants and animals, and they are mentioned as he visits them. The second section of this book explains in more detail about each plant and animal featured. Lastly, there are activities that can be used to learn more about the Sonoran Desert. An accompanying CD provides some information about the book, plus two versions of the story. One is in song, to the tune of Frère Jacques, and the other is read by the author.

The illustrations in GQ, GQ, Where Are You? are lovely, and Georgy is soft and cute with an inquisitive look. The text is written with the intent of singing, and the rhythm is not quite true, so it doesn’t read easily aloud. There is a lot of good information in the detailed plants and animals section, and children will discover interesting facts about desert life.

Reviewer: Alice Berger