Amish fiction, romance

Hidden Mercies

Hidden Mercies
Author: Serena B. Miller
Publisher: Howard Books
Genre: Amish fiction / Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4516-6035-7
Pages: 368
Price: $15.00

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Claire Shetler thinks about the man she nearly married with fond regret. Killed the night before the wedding, Matthew never got to meet the son they had conceived only a few days prior. But Tobias, the man responsible for Matthew’s death, runs from home and joins the Marines, hoping to permanently block this tragic reminder of his past.

Now, twenty years later, Claire is widowed with a household full of children and a busy Amish midwife practice. Tobias has returned to Ohio to make peace with Claire and his father, but finds it difficult to reveal his true identity. Will he only make the situation worse by letting them both know who he is?

Hidden Mercies is a wonderful tale of family, love and redemption. The characters are warm and real, and their emotions are so true to life. As the story unfolds, the reader can’t help but wish for their happiness together. I highly recommend this well-written and engaging Amish romance.

Reviewer: Alice Berger