All Kinds of Beliefs

All Kinds of Beliefs
Author: Sheri Safran
Illustrator: Emma Damon
Publisher: Insight Editions
Genre:  Children
ISBN: 978-1-60887-159-9
Pages: 12
Price: $12.99

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There are many religions, such as Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, or Hindu. In this lift-the-flap book, children are introduced to some basic things that they may see in others of a different faith.

Focusing on clothing or head wear, types of buildings people worship in, things you might find inside those buildings, and holiday celebrations, it provides some idea about the religion. It doesn’t explain the actual beliefs, but instead shows kids that there are different faiths, and that kids who practice these faiths may look or act differently than they do.

In a multi-cultural world, kids will often see people of other faiths. All Kinds of Beliefs will give them the ability to recognize why people look different, and to treat them with respect.

Reviewer: Alice Berger