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Animal Helpers: Sanctuaries

Animal Helpers - Sanctuaries
Author: Jennifer Keats Curtis
Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing
Genre: Children / Animals
ISBN: 978-1-60718-6236
Pages: 32
Price: $9.95

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What happens to wild animals when they are no longer wild? Sometimes people keep exotic pets until they get too big, and then they need to find a new home for them. Other animals become injured and no longer able to fend for themselves. These animals can be cared for in animal sanctuaries.

Animal Helpers: Sanctuaries is a photographic journey to some of the sanctuaries providing homes for wild animals in the United States. Sharing some of the animals’ stories, it explains how they came to be living there and what kind of care they are receiving. Animals need food, shelter, veterinary care, and even mental stimulation and enrichment, and all of these are offered to them in the sanctuaries.

In a perfect world, all wild animals would roam freely, with no need of sanctuaries. But these safe havens give some animals a second chance at life, even though they won’t be living in their natural habitat. This interesting and informative book explains the importance of sanctuaries in caring for wild animals who can no longer return to the wild.

Reviewer: Alice Berger