The Fifth Disciple

The Fifth Disciple
Author: Cynthia Bové
Publisher: O Books
Genre: Spirituality
ISBN: 978-1-84694-420-8
Pages: 199
Price: $19.95

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A Course in Miracles offers spiritual direction for many in their quest to better themselves and their lives. But is it possible that someone else suggested these ideas at a much earlier date? In The Fifth Disciple, author Cynthia Bové proposes that the Gospel of Thomas presents some of these very same teachings from Jesus, himself.

In the first sections of this book, the two source documents are introduced. Insights from A Course in Miracles are presented and analyzed. Then we are provided with the text of Pursah’s Gospel of Thomas. The last half of the book compares this gospel to the writings in the course, looking for similarities in meaning.

Familiarity with A Course in Miracles is of great benefit in reading this book. Many of the ideas presented are abstract, and can easily elude the casual reader who has no knowledge of these teachings. Those who follow mainstream religions may not relate to this New Age message, despite the possibility that it could have come directly from Jesus. But whatever your belief system may be, The Fifth Disciple is an interesting read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger