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Beast Friends Forever!

Beast Friends Forever
Author: Robert L. Forbes
Illustrator: Ronald Searle
Publisher: Overlook Duckworth
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-59020-808-3
Pages: 80
Price: $19.95

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What happens when animals fall in love? Beast Friends Forever shows us, in humorous rhyme and whimsical illustrations.

Babette the Skunk has created a French perfume to mask females’ skunky scent. Poor Lancelot the Ocelot is in love with Gwenny, but she’s already married to King Art. Squig the Pig is too cool for the ladies who drool over his portly body. And Dapper Dan may not know how to foxtrot, but he sure knows how to make the rest of the moves! These, along with many others, playfully describe the antics of beasts in love.

Beast Friends Forever is a unique and fun Valentine’s Day book, sure to make your loved one smile.

Reviewer: Alice Berger