Beautiful Wild Rose Girl

Beautiful Wild Rose Girl
Author: B. Magnolia
Illustrator: Jamila Keba
Publisher: Mystic World Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 9780985428907
Pages: 34
Price: $7.95 (paperback)
Also available in ribbon bound or deluxe hardcover edition at publisher’s website

Mystic World Press
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A poor, lonely girl lives in the swamp among the bullfrogs. Each day, on her way out of the swamp, she passes through a field of wild roses, which she sells in the village. But even though the villagers admire her, she believes she is a stupid, ugly girl, because of the words she hears from the bullfrogs.

One day her fortunes change for the better, when one of the villagers is able to speak with her. And when she finally sees herself in a new light, she is able to escape the swamp and find happiness.

This modern-day fairy tale is layered with meaning, and so many questions arise from reading it. And, as with the best fairy tales, this sweet girl meets and falls in love with someone who will love and cherish her. The unique book-binding makes Beautiful Wild Rose Girl even more special. This book would be a great gift for any girl who has doubts about how special she is.

Reviewer: Alice Berger