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The Great Puppy Rescue

The Great Puppy Rescue
Author: Jason Holder
Illustrator: Mike Sofka
Publisher: Kid America LLC
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9856980-2-7
Pages: 32
Price: $12.95

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Agent Adams has just given Kid America an important mission. He and his friends, TJ and Lexi, must find Casper’s puppy mill and rescue the dogs. When a loud whimper alerts them to Casper’s hideout, they move into action.

Even the best superheros need super-tools, and Kid’s younger sister, Kat, has just what they need. Planning a bold, nighttime maneuver, they know Casper won’t stand a chance of stopping them. But will they be able to complete their mission?

The Great Puppy Rescue is the first volume of the new Kid America adventure series. When Casper is up to no good and Agent Adams needs help, Kid America is there to answer the call.

Reviewer: Alice Berger