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It’s Raining Fish and Spiders

Author: Bill Evans
Publisher: Tor Forge Books
Genre: Science
ISBN: 978-0-7653-21329
Pages: 240
Price: $18.99

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Yes, in some places of the world, it has actually rained fish and spiders! Wouldn’t you love to learn how that’s possible, or what other unusual stuff has fallen from the skies? You can read about those and other weather events in this informative and entertaining book by award-winning meteorologist, Bill Evans.

Weather is a major force in our lives, and we all know its effects can be both beautiful and potentially devastating. Evans’ book explains, in very down-to earth terminology, all types of weather conditions: hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards, and drought, to mention just a few. He supplies the reader with succinct explanations of how they form in the atmosphere along with comparisons, fun facts, and other data to help one get the entire picture of each phenomenon.

The book is not just a compilation of boring data; it’s written in such a fashion that holds the reader’s interest making them want to turn each page to learn more. Evans’ style is easy-going and suited for both young folks and adults alike.

Do you know a budding meteorologist? Or someone who is simply fascinated by all kinds of weather? This would be the perfect book to get them started or help stir their curiosity.

Reviewer: Gene Berger