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Hans, His Chairs and the World

Author: Anne Blond
Illustrator: Birgitte Haahr Lund
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-87-88376-44-9 (Danish), 978-87-88376-49-4 (English), 978-87-88376-50-0 (Japanese)
Pages: 56
Price: 98 kr.

Museum Sønderjylland website
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Hans J. Wegner is world famous for his spectacular chair designs. Born in Tønder, Denmark, he grew up fascinated with the natural world and wood carving. But while adults may be familiar with his work, today’s children have most likely never heard of him.

With his 100th anniversary coming up soon, Wegner has become the center of renewed international attention. Hans, His Chairs and the World provides children with a look at his work, so they can also appreciate the contributions he made to society. In this book, we see Hans growing up in the shadow of the water tower. Later, his chairs are brought inside, as a museum is formed around them. And lastly, children are reminded of the fact that building furniture involves our natural world – trees – and they should be responsible stewards of our earth.

Anne Blond is the curator of the Art Museum in Tønder which houses Wegner’s chairs. The illustrations are created digitally, but inspired from old wood block prints, which creates a look reminiscent of Wegner’s work. Children will enjoy reading about this fascinating man, and maybe even look him up on the Internet. What they find will inspire them in their own creative pursuits.

Reviewer: Alice Berger