Isabella Propeller and the Magic Beanie

Author: Jonathan Graves
Illustrator: Gail Haley
Publisher: Parkway Publishers
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-933251-74-5
Pages: 36
Price: $15.95

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One day Isabella goes up to her grandmother’s attic in Blowing Rock, NC. As she plays dress-up with her dog, Mullaby, a gust of wind blows a beanie with a propeller to her. Enchanted, she decides to keep it.

When the Wind Lady adds a red feather to the propeller, Isabella discovers she can fly. But this magic beanie can only be used for good. When Mullaby gets into trouble, only Isabella and Red Tail, the hawk, can save her.

This magical story is inspired by the unusual wind patterns at Blowing Rock, and a legend about an Indian brave who fell off a cliff and was blown back up by the winds. Isabella Propeller and the Magic Beanie has won the Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval, and illustrator Gail Haley is a Caldecott Medal winner.

Reviewer: Alice Berger