ABCs of Boating Terms

Author & Illustrator: Dee Cache
Publisher: Schiffer Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3982-0
Pages: 32
Price: $6.99

Schiffer Books
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Do you know your fore from your aft? How about the galley and the head? If you’re scratching your own head right about now, there is help. ABCs of Boating Terms is a kids’ educational coloring book designed to not leave you lost at sea.

These simple drawings include one boating term for each letter of the alphabet. Nautical flags show how some letters would appear, so boats can communicate with each other. And important survival words like SOS and Mayday provide a way of reaching help when needed.

Any boating family should have a copy of this coloring book for kids to learn proper boating terminology.

Reviewer: Alice Berger