Kaptain Vamp

Author:  Joanne Lécuyer
Illustrator: Amy Rottinger
Publisher: Topsy Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9869517-4-9
Pages: 64
Price: $12.99

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Allistaire Arturius Doppelganger Varning the IV is a 12 year-old vampire, living amongst humans. He knows humans are afraid of vampires, and he wants to prove that he and his family are harmless.

One day he comes up with the idea to be a superhero – Kaptain Vamp. His purpose will be to help humans whenever he can. He immediately puts his plan into action, performing super-hero rescues and a daring attempt against evil.

Kaptain Vamp is a likeable character with a heart of gold. He believes in his mission of doing good in the world, and he’s serious about doing it well. I enjoyed reading about how and why Allistaire wants to be a superhero, but I found the ending a bit confusing. Overall, Kaptain Vamp is an entertaining and positive read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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