Murder in the 11th House

Author: Mitchell Scott Lewis
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-59058-950-2
Pages: 250
Price: $24.95

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David Lowell runs an unusual detective agency – he uses atrology to predict certain events, and to understand the motives of those he’s investigating. When his daughter, Melinda, comes to him about a legal case she’s working on, Lowell jumps right in to help.

Melinda is defending a bartender who is accused of murdering a judge. All evidence points to her guilt, but Melinda doesn’t believe she did it. Asking too many questions puts their lives in danger, when they start to get too close to the truth.

Murder in the 11th House is the debut novel of Mitchell Scott Lewis. It’s a well-crafted murder mystery, with a satisfying conclusion. My only small complaint is that David and Melinda are a little too perfect. I’ll be looking forward to seeing their humanness in future books. Overall, this one is a winner.

Reviewer: Alice Berger